Understand how videos can help your studies

Understand how videos can help your studies

Reconciling college with a work routine can become tiring and stressful. In this way, university students in this situation often find it difficult to continue their studies. However, technology can be a great ally in difficult times.

With the advancement of social media, interactivity has changed not only in the social sphere, but also reflected in teaching methods. Among these changes, we highlight the growth of educational videos, which can be assisted by means of a cell phone, tablet or computer and at any time of free time – even at work or on the bus.

In addition, the videos can help in the studies, because they stimulate the learning capacity of the students.

Want to know more about the importance of videos to education? So, check out 6 benefits of this method that we separate for you!

1. Make classes more interesting
When using videos, teachers are more likely to catch the attention of students, because it is difficult to keep a student concentrated who is often tired or has difficulty learning.

Therefore, when using videos, mixing verbal and non-verbal language, classes will become more interesting.

2. Facilitate learning
By drawing more attention, the videos are more likely to cause the past content to be absorbed by the student, compared to an expositive class, in which the teacher is the protagonist.

In addition, the videos help in assembling annotations, outlines and summaries, which are important techniques for studying. Therefore, this fact will reflect positively on the results of tests and works, causing the performance to improve.

3. Enable teachers to prepare better
Communication between teachers and students is not always efficient. This is because the educator’s way of explaining and the student’s understanding are different.

So by using video lessons, for example, the teacher can observe the posture that most stimulates students in learning and enhance their ability to teach.

4. Stimulate critical thinking
Another way that videos can help in studies is through films, series, and documentaries. Thanks to technology, there is a diversity of themes available on the web, for any area.

Therefore, they can be used for students to view content differently and, through other worldviews, have critical thinking developed.

5. Motivate studies
With improved learning ability and positive results, the student will have a great motivation to study and pursue the career they want.

In an initial contact with the faculty, many freshmen may understand that the difficulty of the course is due to lack of aptitude, but in fact it can be solved through efficient teaching methods such as the use of the videos.

6. Assist in planning
Finally, know that by using the videos you can have a planning of what you will study each day and will not let the stories accumulate. Therefore, you will have a better direction during the lessons.

In addition, you do not have to worry about how to have quality, accessible videos, because online platforms can offer the practicality you need, like Me Me, which provides content that can leverage your academic life in an organized way!

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